“Kamatama,” which has exquisite freshly boiled noodles and eggs

Kamatama udon Kagawa

Kagawa Other recommended dishes

Zaru udon Kagawa
Zaru udon

Setouchi, where Kagawa prefecture is located, is one of the regions where there is li...

Kankanzushi (here prank) Kagawa
Kankanzushi (here prank)

“Sawara” tells the spring on Sanuki Road. “Kankan sushi (zushi)” is a local dish usin...

Wasanbon Kagawa

The natural sweetness of sugarcane cultivated in a limited area of the Sanuki region ...

Olive Hamachi Kagawa
Olive Hamachi

Olive yellowtail is cultured by feeding mixed with olive leaf powder, which is a pref...


When the fruit enters the beans and the wheat begins to ripen, the Seto Sea is crowde...

Sanuki udon Kagawa
Sanuki udon

Sanuki udon is a well-known specialty of Kagawa Prefecture. However, it became a nati...


Soba & Udonrelated dishes

Naruto Udon (Naruto Udon) Tokushima
Naruto Udon (Naruto Udon)

Naruto udon is very soft enough to cut easily with chopsticks because the noodles are...

Kanzaki somen Saga
Kanzaki somen

Kanzaki-cho, where water from the Sefuri Mountains flows, is a place selected as one ...

Ise udon Mie
Ise udon

Ise udon is eaten mainly in Ise City, Mie Prefecture, and has a thick and crisp textu...

Ibuki soba Shiga
Ibuki soba

The Ibuki region is said to be the birthplace of Japanese soba cultivation. It is ble...

Inaniwa udon Akita
Inaniwa udon

Inaniwa udon is dried udon made by hand in southern Akita Prefecture. It is counted a...

Takada soba Oita
Takada soba

Bungotakada soba has a major characteristic that it is cultivated twice a year in spr...