Hormonal umami and spicy miso flavor are irresistible

Dustpan Osaka

Osaka Other recommended dishes

Takoyaki Osaka

Takoyaki is a dish in which wheat flour is dissolved in water, cut into bite-sized oc...

Pork Osaka

Speaking of “meat” in Kansai since ancient times refers to beef. That's why Chinese ...

Hormone-grilled Osaka

There are various theories that the internal organs such as the intestines, originall...

Kasu udon Osaka
Kasu udon

Marc udon is a dish made with oil kasu (fried hormone) on a soup stock. Oilpecs have...

Modern yaki Osaka
Modern yaki

Modern yaki is baked with yakisoba in Kansai style okonomiyaki. Speaking of okonomiy...

Grilled green onion Osaka
Grilled green onion

Negiyaki is a flour similar to okonomiyaki. It is made by mixing a heaped green onion...


Nabe dishrelated dishes

Botannabe Aomori

In Wakinozawa, Mutsu City, on the Shimokita Peninsula, which is located at the northe...

Yanagawa nabe (Yanagawa nabe) Tokyo
Yanagawa nabe (Yanagawa nabe)

Yanagawa nabe (Yanagawa nabe) is a hot pot dish born in Edo that uses loaches. Like ...

Jabu Tottori

In times when meat was not readily available as it is today, it was a valuable feast ...

Tangerine pot Yamaguchi
Tangerine pot

Suo-Oshima accounts for 80% of the mandarin orange production in Yamaguchi prefecture...

Kanto oden Tokyo
Kanto oden

Oden is not a common name throughout Japan, and in the Kansai region, it is sometimes...

Mizutaki Fukuoka

Among the many Hakata specialties you want to eat is Mizutaki, a traditional dish tha...