Juicy pork and onion sweetness

Pork Osaka

Osaka Other recommended dishes

Kasu udon Osaka
Kasu udon

Marc udon is a dish made with oil kasu (fried hormone) on a soup stock. Oilpecs have...

Grilled squid Osaka
Grilled squid

Squid yaki in Osaka is not a figure grilled squid, but it is one of the “komon” that ...

Okonomiyaki Osaka

Okonomiyaki is a dish that is eaten using flour dissolved in water as a dough, using ...

Modern yaki Osaka
Modern yaki

Modern yaki is baked with yakisoba in Kansai style okonomiyaki. Speaking of okonomiy...

Hormone-grilled Osaka

There are various theories that the internal organs such as the intestines, originall...

Dotoyaki Osaka

Doteyaki is a staple dish of Osaka Shinsekai, which is stewed for a long time in miso...


Local cuisinerelated dishes

Misaki bowl Shimane
Misaki bowl

“Misakidon” is a popular kaisendon in Hinomisaki, where the tallest stone lighthouse ...

Chinsuko Okinawa

It is a baked confectionery made mainly of flour, lard, sugar, etc. The origin of ch...

Gohei Mochi Gifu
Gohei Mochi

Goheimochi is a local dish that has been popular since ancient times in the mountaino...

Koukuma Kagoshima

A mango-flavored white bear with an original arrangement added to Kagoshima's special...

Anmitsu Tokyo

It was the birthplace of Ginza in the 1930s, and is derived from the fact that the be...

Uzume rice Shimane
Uzume rice

“Uzume rice” is a traditional dish from the Iwami region of Shimane prefecture, and h...