It fits well with beer! Nagoya specialty miso oden

Miso oden Aichi

Aichi Other recommended dishes

Ankake Spa Aichi
Ankake Spa

Originating in Nagoya, the ankake spa is different from Italian pasta, where boiled s...

Toyohashi Curry Udon Aichi
Toyohashi Curry Udon

Toyohashi curry udon is a local curry udon served in Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture...

Miso cutlet Aichi
Miso cutlet

In a tonkatsu shop in Nagoya, there are almost no miso katsu restaurants. A lot of mi...

Tenmusu Aichi

Tenmusu is an onigiri made with shrimp tempura and is one of Nagoya's rice balls. The...

Ogura toast Aichi
Ogura toast

Among the many Nagoya Meshi, Kokura Toast, which symbolizes its unique coffee shop cu...

Taiwanese ramen Aichi
Taiwanese ramen

It is no exaggeration to say that it is one of Nagoya rice, “Taiwan Ramen” is a spicy...


Local cuisinerelated dishes

Kagami's rural curry Okayama
Kagami's rural curry

It is a curry topped with cherry tomatoes, filled with ingredients from local special...

Yosedofu Kagoshima

“Yose tofu” is a process called “yose” in the process of making cotton tofu that is s...

Chinsuko Okinawa

It is a baked confectionery made mainly of flour, lard, sugar, etc. The origin of ch...


It is a local dish that has been eaten especially in the Northwest region on the Sea ...

Basa Akita

Gibashi is the same seaweed as wakame and mozuku, which has been eaten in Akita Prefe...

white dumplings Chiba
white dumplings

In Noda City, Chiba Prefecture, there is a specialty shop that originated from white ...


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