Dried persimmons have been popular as a local specialty for over 300 years

Toyama dried persimmons Toyama

Toyama Other recommended dishes

Kabura-zushi Toyama

Kaburazushi is a type of narezushi that is slowly fermented using koji, where a cut i...

Three day dumpling soup Toyama
Three day dumpling soup

In Toyama prefecture, where rice is grown, dishes and sweets using mochi are always i...

Toyama Kanburi Toyama
Toyama Kanburi

The yellowtail that can be taken during the cold season is called “Kanburi”, and the ...

Kelp marinating Toyama
Kelp marinating

Kombuzaki is a dish created by combining kombu from Hokkaido brought by Kitamaebune i...

White shrimp tempura Toyama
White shrimp tempura

Locally popular and sold as fresh food. The newly caught white shrimp has a light pin...

Crab dishes Toyama
Crab dishes

Red snow crabs that live in Toyama Bay can be caught at a depth of around 1,000 meter...


Local cuisinerelated dishes

sand dunes Tottori
sand dunes

Dune Nagaimo, a representative of Tottori Prefecture, is grown in the sand dunes of c...

Oyster rice Hiroshima
Oyster rice

This is cooked rice cooked with rice by combining oyster meat with soy sauce, sake, b...

Umegae mochi Fukuoka
Umegae mochi

The chewy, thin dough is baked crisply, and the inside is plump cooked azuki beans fr...

Kusamochi Gifu

Kusamochi (kusamochi) is a popular confectionary known as a specialty of Kaizu City. ...

Okuto Fukuoka

“Okuto” originated in Fukuoka, has been familiar with locals in Fukuoka since ancient...

Baraki Shiitake Kumamoto
Baraki Shiitake

Cultivation of raw trees from Kumamoto Prefecture Shiitake mushrooms are grown by cut...