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Fujioka ramen Gunma

Gunma Other recommended dishes

Mizusawa udon Gunma
Mizusawa udon

You can eat it at “Mizusawa Udon Kaido” in the vicinity of Mizusawa-dera Temple near ...

Yuzu roll Gunma
Yuzu roll

In Gunma in winter, the dry wind “karakkaze,” which descends over the mountains, blow...

Takasaki ramen Gunma
Takasaki ramen

There are quite a few ramen shops in Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture, and each shop s...

sukiyaki Gunma

Gunma has many rich agricultural and livestock products, such as “Joshu beef,” which ...

Takasaki pasta Gunma
Takasaki pasta

Gunma Prefecture seems to be suitable for the production of agricultural crops becaus...

Okokikomi udon Gunma
Okokikomi udon

“Cut, put in, cut and put in.” It seems that this name came from eating. no? It is a ...


Ramenrelated dishes

Katsu ramen Akita
Katsu ramen

It is said that it originated about 40 years ago, when people wanted to eat both kats...

Sendai ramen Miyagi
Sendai ramen

Sendai ramen refers to ramen that has been popular mainly in Sendai for a long time. ...

Tuna ramen Kagoshima
Tuna ramen

Kushikino Port had a large amount of tuna landed, and it was a port town that flouris...

Okayama ramen Okayama
Okayama ramen

Okayama ramen is a type of ramen developed mainly in Okayama city. Ramen from food s...

Tokushima ramen Tokushima
Tokushima ramen

Tokushima ramen is the local ramen of Tokushima Prefecture, which is now famous throu...

Noodles without soup Hiroshima
Noodles without soup

Speaking of boni-ka-noodles that are eaten in Japan, are common in soup, but in Sichu...