Yonezawa beef, brand beef boasting a history of over 100 years

Yonezawa beef Yamagata

Yamagata Other recommended dishes

Kujiramochi Yamagata

Kujiramochi is a local confectionery that has been handed down since ancient times in...

Yamagata soba Yamagata
Yamagata soba

The soba that can be eaten extensively in the inland area of Yamagata Prefecture is c...

Natto soup Yamagata
Natto soup

Natto Jiru, which is very nutritious, is a home cooking in winter that has been popul...

Grilled fish of black Yamagata
Grilled fish of black

The blackfish that can often be caught on rocky areas and embankments near Kamo from ...

Dondon-yaki Yamagata

Dondonyaki in the inland area of Yamagata Prefecture has a common sauce taste, and it...

Kado grilled Yamagata
Kado grilled

Kado is a herring that is eaten widely in Yamagata Prefecture. In the Tohoku region,...


Nabe dishrelated dishes

Suppon pot Oita
Suppon pot

Suppon grown in Oita Prefecture, which has an ideal environment for breeding Suppon s...

Yoshare-nabe Aomori

Kuroishi's specialty yosare-nabe is stewed with meat from macular plymouth rock (comm...

Kamonabe Shiga

In winter, mallards fly from Siberia to Lake Biwa. “Duck Nabe” is a traditional pot m...

Damako nabe Akita
Damako nabe

“Dumako” is freshly cooked rice transferred to a mortar, crushed with a saw until a f...

Monkfish hot pot Shimane
Monkfish hot pot

Hamada in Shimane prefecture is a monkfish production area boasting the second highes...

Yamaimo nabe Akita
Yamaimo nabe

The specialty dish “Yamaimo Nabe” in the Lake Tazawako district is grated “yam”, whic...