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Oita Other recommended dishes

Hita yakisoba Oita
Hita yakisoba

Hita yakisoba is a local gourmet from Hita, Oita prefecture, where freshly boiled raw...

Seki horse mackerel and seki mackerel sashimi Oita
Seki horse mackerel and seki mackerel sashimi

“Seki horse mackerel” and “Seki mackerel,” which are well known throughout the countr...

Hitan-zushi Oita

It is sushi made from vegetables, pickles, and river fish from Hita. Natto, yam, and ...

Yudochi Oita

In the past, Oita Prefecture had many areas where it was poorly drained, and the cult...

Gomadashi udon Oita
Gomadashi udon

“Gomadashi” is a paste-like seasoning made by adding plenty of sesame seeds to mirin,...

Jigoku-steamed Oita

“Jigoku-mushi”, which has continued since the Edo period, is a cooking method for ste...


Local cuisinerelated dishes

steamed Ishikawa

There are “Kaga vegetables” as the brand vegetables certified by Kanazawa City. Among...

popo Ehime

Popo is a fruit of the Banreishi family native to North America. It is also called Ak...

Bizen curry Okayama
Bizen curry

“Bizen Curry” from Bizen City, Okayama Prefecture, which uses plenty of fruits, veget...

Karashi root Kumamoto
Karashi root

The texture of the squishy lotus root and its spiciness because it always goes out in...

Kinko Akita

It seems that the reason for making Kinman started when Masami Ouchi, the first gener...

Saitama Satoimo Saitama
Saitama Satoimo

Taro is also composed in the poems of Manyoshu. It is an essential ingredient in Japa...