The deliciousness of Inatori Niku fried rice colors your trip. The finest flavors you can feel with every bite while enjoying the adventures of Yunomachi

Inatori meat fried rice Shizuoka

Shizuoka Other recommended dishes

Kakegawa beef Shizuoka
Kakegawa beef

“Kakegawa beef” is a brand beef from Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture, where excell...

Fujinomiya Yakisoba Shizuoka
Fujinomiya Yakisoba

Speaking of Shizuoka yakisoba is Fujinomiya Yakisoba. The firm firmness and chewy tex...

Hamamatsu Gyoza Shizuoka
Hamamatsu Gyoza

The production of “cabbage”, “onion” and “pork” was popular in Hamamatsu, so it becam...

Fujieda Asara Shizuoka
Fujieda Asara

“Morning la” refers to the food culture created by Fujieda. Fujieda, which is one of ...

Shimada soup with lots of ingredients Shizuoka
Shimada soup with lots of ingredients

“Shimada soup” is a soup made with plenty of local ingredients invented in Shimada Ci...

Deep-fried pork brown offal Shizuoka
Deep-fried pork brown offal

Pork tea motsukaraage is a frozen food for deep-fried chicken developed by Marumatsu ...


Don dishrelated dishes

Fukui sauce katsudon Fukui
Fukui sauce katsudon

In general, when it comes to katsudon, everyone imagines a deep-fried cutlet wrapped ...

Okayama demi-katsudon Okayama
Okayama demi-katsudon

“Okayama demi-katsudon” is an Okayama local bowl with freshly fried crispy pork cutle...

Unashige Shizuoka

Speaking of Shizuoka, it is a famous eel production area. The area around Lake Hamana...

Harako rice Miyagi
Harako rice

Harakomeshi is one of the local dishes of Watari Town, Miyagi prefecture. It is a sal...

Volga rice Fukui
Volga rice

Volga Rice is a local gourmet that is sold in Echizen City (formerly Takefu City) in ...

Maitake Gohan Shimane
Maitake Gohan

Maitake rice is a rice cooked with vegetables such as Maitake and carrots, a specialt...