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Hokkaido Other recommended dishes

Bibai Yakitori Hokkaido
Bibai Yakitori

Bibai is located halfway between Sapporo and Asahikawa City. The western region is a ...

Haskap Hokkaido

Haskap, which has spread its name as a specialty fruit in Hokkaido, is used for jam a...

stewed kasbe Hokkaido
stewed kasbe

“Stewed kasbe” is a local dish for the winter, which is often prepared at home. “Kasb...

Kushiro ramen Hokkaido
Kushiro ramen

Kushiro ramen is a ramen made in Kushiro City, Hokkaido. The ramen based on fine nood...

Muroran Yakitori Hokkaido
Muroran Yakitori

Muroran Yakitori, as its name suggests, is a “yakitori” invented in Muroran City, Hok...

Zangi Hokkaido

Zangi is a chicken dish that is popular in Hokkaido, which is pickled in ginger, soy ...


Don dishrelated dishes

Namero-don Chiba

It's a strange name, but the theory that it is delicious enough to lick the body left...

Takomeshi Okayama

Okayama prefecture has one of the highest octopus catches in the whole country, and o...

Hirosaki pork spicy grilled Aomori
Hirosaki pork spicy grilled

Hirosaki pork spicy grill is a new local gourmet in Hirosaki that uses plenty of loca...

Hinai chicken yakodon Akita
Hinai chicken yakodon

It is an “Hinai chicken” called “Japan's three major chicken” in Akita Prefecture, an...

Uwajima Taimeshi Ehime
Uwajima Taimeshi

Uwajima Taimeshi is a specialty dish eaten around Uwajima in Ehime Prefecture. Speak...

Hokki-don Aomori

Hokki shellfish is a typical winter taste of Misawa. Misawa's Hokki shellfish has a s...