You can often eat it in Halle because it looks gorgeous

Kujaku Oita

Oita Other recommended dishes

Misaki kakiage bowl Oita
Misaki kakiage bowl

“Misaki Kakiage Don” is a bowl topped with 100% kakiage of fresh small shrimp (jaco s...

Toriten Oita

Toriten is a local dish loved since ancient times in Oita. It is a dish that uses pon...

Jiriyaki Oita

Oita Prefecture is known for its heavy consumption of chicken, but the flour food cul...

Bungo Beppu Bay Crepe Oita
Bungo Beppu Bay Crepe

“Shirasu” is the blessings of nature in Beppu Bay. Whitebait fishing has been popular...

Saeki sushi Oita
Saeki sushi

The Bungo Channel, which is a complex rias coast, nurtures such a unique topography, ...

Cancer jiru Oita
Cancer jiru

Ganjiru is a local dish of Usa made using crab (also called mokuzugani or zugani) cau...


Local cuisinerelated dishes

Saga Nori Saga
Saga Nori

Saga Nori is farmed in the Ariake Sea. Nutrient-rich fresh water and seawater are mod...

Hachiko's sweets Akita
Hachiko's sweets

Odate city in Akita prefecture is the hometown of the loyal dog Hachiko, and sells va...

Katsuyama oyaki Fukui
Katsuyama oyaki

“Oyaki” loved by Katsuyama citizens is a Japanese confectionary made by wrapping slig...

Yangome Chiba

“Yangome” is a dish made of stir-fried rice and boiled azuki beans mixed with sugar. ...

Kabosu Oita

It is said that cultivation began in Usuki City in the Edo period, and Usuki, Takeda,...

Okinawa zenzai Okinawa
Okinawa zenzai

Kintoki beans and broth boiled in brown sugar are chilled and served in a bowl, and a...