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Yamagata Other recommended dishes

Sakata ramen Yamagata
Sakata ramen

Sakata ramen is a ramen that originated in the northern part of the Shonai region, ma...

Hiyashi ramen Yamagata
Hiyashi ramen

It was born to survive the hot summer in Yamagata. It is a cold ramen that originated...

Dondon-yaki Yamagata

Dondonyaki in the inland area of Yamagata Prefecture has a common sauce taste, and it...

Boiled carp Yamagata
Boiled carp

It is the representative dish of Yonezawa's carp dish. It is a local dish made with c...

Kujiramochi Yamagata

Kujiramochi is a local confectionery that has been handed down since ancient times in...

Natto soup Yamagata
Natto soup

Natto Jiru, which is very nutritious, is a home cooking in winter that has been popul...


Local cuisinerelated dishes

Ikashumai Saga

Yobuko's specialty “Ikashumai”, one of Kyushu's representative souvenirs, originated ...

Ariake Sea Cuisine Saga
Ariake Sea Cuisine

Countless rivers flow into the Ariake Sea, which straddles Kumamoto prefecture, Saga ...

Open port roll cake Nagasaki
Open port roll cake

Sasebo Open Port Roll Cake is a popular sweet of “Sasebo ☆ Star Product” developed wi...

Irabou soup Okinawa
Irabou soup

Irabou refers to “elabu sea snake”, and irabou soup is a traditional Okinawan dish us...

Umeboshi Wakayama

Plums in Wakayama prefecture rank first in Japan in terms of cultivation area (5,620 ...

Kiritanpo Akita

Kiritanpo is a food made with mashed glutinous rice wrapped around a stick of cedar f...